Urgent Proposal for Bistatic DSS13-GBT Radar Imaging of Asteroid 2001 FO32


We propose bistatic Goldtone DSS13 - Green Bank Telescope C-band (7190 MHz) delay-Doppler radar imaging of of near-Earth asteroid 2001 FO32 during its close approach on 2021 March 21 and 22. Our goals are to obtain images with resolutions at least as fine as 7.5 m/pixel to investigate the size, shape, and surface features of the asteroid and to improve its orbit.


Name Institution
Joseph Jao Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Michael Busch SETI Institute
Amber Bonsall Green Bank Observatory
Marina Brozovic Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Lance Benner * Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Shantanu Naidu Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Jon Giorgini Jet Propulsion Laboratory

* indicates the PI